November 10, 2020 Press Releases

United States of Care Statement: A Supreme Court Ruling to Strike Down ACA Would Disrupt Health Coverage for Tens of Millions Amid a Pandemic

(Washington, DC) On Tuesday, Emily Barson, Executive Director of United States of Care released a statement in response to the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in a case [California v. Texas] in which the Court is being asked to invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“The impact of striking down the ACA would have severe consequences for tens of millions of people, the institutions of our health care system, states’ budgets, and our economy. Moreover, during a global pandemic, people need more certainty about their health coverage, not less.

“The Affordable Care Act has been the law of the land for over a decade. People have come to depend on the certainty it provides, that they won’t lose their coverage, pay more if they get sick, or be discriminated against if they have a pre-existing condition.

“Rather than fighting decades-old battles over and over again, we should be working together to build a better health care system that, in the wake of this unprecedented pandemic, meets people’s needs. Regardless of which way the Court rules, United States of Care is committed to working with policymakers to ensure everyone can access quality affordable health care.”


United States of Care is a nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring that every everyone has access to quality, affordable health care. It supports endorsing state-based policies, building resources to understand current and new ideas, and educating and mobilizing the public toward this mission.